I recently became vegetarian, am only consuming products containing milk that are already in my house, and probably wont eat any more eggs outside of the ones in my fridge already. So, I’m on my way to being vegan, allowing small dairy and egg exceptions up until the new year.

I’ve been so excited and scatterbrained since I made these decisions (which kinda came in a whirlwind and I’ll expand on that when I have more time to write) and things just seem kinda surreal so far. Surreal and awesome and exciting. All I can think about is all of the awesome food I’m going to make and eat and share with my (vegan and non vegan) friends. I’ve already got myself 5 new cookbooks… perhaps a little overkill, but hey, there are worse ways to spend money than on delicious vegan cookbooks.

I’m not expecting many people to find this blog, but I wanted to create a little space for myself where I can talk about my experiences and thoughts concerning this life change that I’m making, and dealing with the external stress I’ve become aware that I am probably going to experience for the rest of my life. I want to organize and formulate my new ideas and values here before I start talking about them aloud. I wanna write them down and come back to them a week later, a month later, and see if I still have the same opinion on any given thing. I want to learn about myself and all of the things that I think about everything related to food and those who pass judgement on you based on your food choices.

This is going to be a very hectic, scatterbrained, maybe ill-worded or possibly even offensive somehow, experience. But I mean no harm. I’m simply a new herbivore finding he way in her thoughts and feelings shes finally allowing herself to have.



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