Telling Grandma

I “came out” to my Grandma today, and leading up to it I was incredibly worried. A few weeks ago I had decided to go veg but not sure if I could do vegan. She was driving me somewhere and had asked me what I had packed for lunch that day. I told her that I had potato salad, and she was worried that I didn’t have protein in my lunch. That particular salad, I reassured her, had eggs in it, so I would be fine for protein. So because of that, I had it in my head that she would be incredibly worried if I gave up milk and eggs too. I hadn’t even told her at that point that I was vegetarian because I was only a few days in.

But I went to her house for dinner tonight, and I decided to tell her before anyone else got there. I had my Mercy for Animals Vegetarian Starter Kit with me, with my vegan food pyramid and information on sources of protein, ready to have to validate my decision as a wise one.

The conversation was a little like this. “Grandma, do you know what a vegan is?” “Yea, isn’t that what Ellen is?” “Yea, Ellen’s a vegan, and I am going to be now too.” “Oh, okay. So do you want me to open a can of chickpeas for you to have with dinner instead of chicken?” And then we proceeded to talk about vegan substitutes. There was an amusing moment after dinner when she asked me if I wanted ice cream with my apple crisp and I said “NOO! … I mean… no thank you” and that really amused me because I’m so happy by the fact that I don’t want ice cream. I always thought I’d miss things.

But anyways… I was so worked up by this, and it turned out to be nothing. I do have one friend in particular who I’m expecting to have a bad reaction when she finds out though. She has it in her head that being vegan is extreme and unhealthy. I obviously don’t expect to lose the friendship over it, but I am worried about that scenario. I’m putting that off. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to her about it in person after the term ends, with my Mercy for Animals kit by my side, and help her know that this is actually the best decision of my life.



One thought on “Telling Grandma

  1. I’m glad you shared this with me. I feel like I get a behind the scenes look at how you’re feeling about all this, and so far it seems like you’re really excited, which makes me so happy! Can’t wait to see when your vegan journey takes you 🙂

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