Little Things

I feel like everything is connected to my vegan transition.  I think about it all the time.  Not just when I see posters of things, but other times too. On the subway I saw a cat and two dogs and I obviously stared at them with a goofy grin on my face. Then I got a vegan wrap from freshii and ate it in the park and had a little moment with a bird who sat on my bench. I though, its a good thing I’m not eating your friend.
My mom was talking to me about vegan sour cream/ground beef and she’s planning on making vegan burritos when I come over for dinner tomorrow. I’m glad she’s on board with my transition and hopefully I’ll help her get onboard with herself.
I also got my first “desert island” question today from a rather obnoxious classmate. The answer is obviously, no I don’t think I’d be able to kill and cook a wild boar, that’s why I’m not eating meat.
I forgot to post that last night so I’m doing two days in one.
Today wasn’t quite as eventful as yesterday, but I did have a delicious falafel for lunch today,  and I had dinner at my mom’s tonight and she bought the Yves “ground beef” to make burritos for us. Apparently parents cooking vegan for me this early on is rare/special cuz my friend (and vegan mentor) who’s been vegan a year and a half with her sister,  their parents don’t cook vegan when they’re over. I am really lucky to have my mom.


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