The Harvest

I was watching an episode of Torchwood the other day. Early episode, I wasn’t all that familiar with it yet, maybe don’t read this if you think you would enjoy the show and don’t want any spoilers. But anyways. In the episode, the team went to an area in the countryside where there had been a large number of disappearances in a short period of time. We later see an interesting variation of “remains” which are sickening to the characters (who were eating hamburgers earlier in the episode). Everything is scary with eerie camera angles and spooky sounds and all that good television jazz, and you’re thinking “what strange entity is at work here?” Some of the characters are abducted without us seeing who/what has taken them. They’re shown in a holding cell of some sort, find skin and organs in a fridge down there, and are working on their escape when a woman with a shotgun comes in asking if they were hurt when they were brought in, explaining that she’s a nurse. They try to get some information out of her but she says that she isn’t allowed to talk to them and that she has been sent down to bring them upstairs. The minimal information that they do get out of her is that once every decade, this “harvest” (their word, not mine) takes place and she’s been lucky to have been spared so far by helping them. We still have no idea what creatures or aliens are doing this. You know how they do that in shows and movies, take forever to show you the alien? So annoying, but always worth it when they finally do. So she takes them upstairs at gunpoint, to a room where there’s a plastic sheet dividing an area from the rest of the room, and a pungent stench wafting from it. They’re made to walk through an opening in the sheet and one of them asks “what do they look like? Do they look like us?” and then a man appears and says “why wouldn’t they?” At this point I’m thinking its one of those episodes where the alien is in a human suit. I kept waiting for that information to be given to me. Waiting. And waiting.

I was texting my vegan mentor friend while watching this episode and she raised a good point, people seem fine with slaughtering animals for food, but the second we’re that food and a more evolved or more powerful being is doing the same to us, thats obviously unacceptable. But so few people are able to actually see it that way. I agreed with her point and was very thankful that I’d already given up meat before watching this episode, cuz otherwise I probably would have been sick. But here I was… still waiting. I needed them to make the reveal, what type of alien is this, where did they come from, what did they look like? Waiting. And then I was forced to accept it. There were no aliens in this episode. That wasn’t an alien in a man suit, that was a man. A human. Their group of people were slaughtering and eating others humans, enjoying the sport of it. I didn’t want to accept it. Probably because its a thought that had crossed my mind more than once while eating things with meat in them, “I don’t know for sure what this is, I could be eating a human right now and not even know it.” My impending vegetarian/veganism was a long time coming, but it was always on the back of my mind. But I just could not accept the fact that this was a group of humans. It would have been okay if they were aliens, but I didn’t want to think of humans as being capable of this. Didn’t want a reminder of what goes on every day, what I was doing three weeks ago. When they asked him why he did it… he finally whispered “… because I like it.”

And I can’t even think/write about it anymore.

On a different note, I wanted to write about a little funny something that happened today. I went for burritos with E, my mentor friend (who I had taken for her first ever burrito while I had a pork one, and now she was taking me for my first ever vegan burrito; the tables had turned lol). She had gotten in line and started ordering for me because we didn’t have all that much time. I called her so she could start my order and I told her what I wanted and she said “no meat?” and I was like “EW NO…” and I wouldn’t let her live it down for the rest of the day because I thought it was so funny that she had asked me that even after me talking to her about everything for the last 3 weeks about different things where I was like “I’m so glad I’m not eating meat anymore” … moments such as texting her about that episode, less than two days prior. She later decided to go with “… it was a test. You passed!” Maybe no one cares about our funny little moment, but it might’ve been the highlight of my day, and after all the gross icky stuff I was thinking about there, I wanted to end on a more fun note for myself.



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