I went to Montana’s for dinner with my boyfriend and his family. I knew I wouldn’t really have many choices on the menu, but technically speaking, I didn’t even have one. Nothing was vegan oriented. I thought I’d be able to get pasta just with no meat or something but I didn’t want to pay 15 bucks for pasta and tomato sauce. So I went with the veggie burger (“no feta cheese or mayo please, and is there real butter in the apple butter bbq sauce?”). I wasn’t incredibly impressed. The burger was fine, the sauce was delicious. But I had just ordered a veggie burger with no feta cheese, mayo, or any of the three sautéed vegetables that came on it as well, asking for lettuce and tomato instead… I got a single slice of tomato and two small pieces of lettuce. REALLY? I subtracted 5 (rather pricy…) things asking for lettuce and tomato instead and you don’t even give me a descent amount?

So that was unimpressive. The other thing I couldn’t help but focus on was all of the meat. Everywhere. I was the only one at my table eating anything remotely healthy. There was an obese family nearby. And all I could think of is the meat. All of the meat. This kinda meat. That kinda meat. This kinda meat on top of that kinda meat. Really? Is that all there is here? I know its a steakhouse or whatever, but … I just had a bit of a hard time with it tonight. Its like no one else even thinks about eating anything else…

My boyfriend couldn’t decide between this kinda meat or that kinda meat, and I remember loving one of the things he was thinking about getting, so I told him to get that. I feel guilty about telling him to eat it, but I knew he wouldn’t go for the veggie burger and I don’t want this to cause a rift between us but I’m scared that it will at some point.



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