Pig Island

To the man at the red light who held my gaze for what felt like hours: Thank you. Thank you for looking. Thank you for not intentionally choosing ignorance. Thank you for not scoffing and turning away like so many others. You gave me hope. And I really needed that today. You looked at me and you seemed confused. But you didn’t look away. Then you looked concerned. But you didn’t look away. Then you looked sad. And you continued to look into my eyes. I felt like we had finally come to an understanding, and I swear I saw you give the tiniest of nods. You understand now. You understand where your food comes from, and you understand that it’s wrong. Thank you for looking me in the eye for that minute that felt like an eternity. Thank you for looking. Thank you for seeing.

When my class was canceled this morning, my friend and I decided to join Toronto Pig Save to bear witness to the pigs about to be slaughtered, and to protest meat in general to passers-by. We had signs, we had pamphlets, and we wanted you to see us. That was my experience with one person in particular and possibly the highlight of my day. There were obviously many low points too. Today I learned that SEVEN THOUSAND young pigs are slaughtered daily at that one death-house in Toronto.

We only had one truck pass by us when I was there. As it was getting closer I got angry at the people in the cars. I was waving and pointing ferociously, yelling THEY’RE RIGHT THERE! LOOK AT THEM! No one seemed to care. Or maybe I was just too heartbroken to notice. Then the truck was in front of us. It stopped with a jolt, and the pigs were shaken. I couldn’t control the tears by that point. Then the asshole lurched the truck again, just to shake them another time. I stuck my hand through. I rubbed them. One of them sniffed my fingers intently. I told them I was sorry. I told them I was so sorry and I couldn’t stop crying.

Jo-Anne McArthur was there taking pictures. I hope she got some of me crying. I need my friends and loved ones to understand how much this hurts me, to know that people that I love and value are participating in this. My heart is always breaking.





Photos taken by my friend E


8 thoughts on “Pig Island

  1. I share you pain, for their tortured lives. I pray that they realize they will be going on to a better place than this world, and that there are those that love them.

  2. My name is Sharon Kennedy and I have a street performance presentation called “Justice for all Creation.” Would you and your friends be interested in doing a presentation(s) at
    City Hall, Queen’s Park or the Commerce Court? No acting skills required….just a love and respect for animals and a willingness to speak a few lines and carry a poster.

  3. Bless you for the beautiful work you are doing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. The world is becoming a more conscious place and with increased consciousness comes awareness that we are all the same, 2 legged, 4 legged, beaked, hoofed, winged. We are all the same in the eyes of God Source Energy. Much Love and Many Blessings to you and to all the wonderful people you work with and to the precious, innocent souls who lose their lives every day. xoxo MJ

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